FAQ – Timeshare Sale

FAQ - Perguntas Frequentes Timeshare

Frequently Asked Questions

“I bought directly from the development. Can I still sell my week?”

Yes! Regardless of when or where you purchased your timeshare week, you have the right to resell it.

“If I’m still paying for my week’s purchase, can I sell it?”

Sure! You can sell your week even if it’s not fully paid for yet. The amount of your debt will be deducted from the amount offered by the buyer during the sale process.

“Do I have to hire a real estate agent to sell my week?”

No! A week’s worth of Timeshare does not have to be sold through an estate agent. Even so, many clients hire me to represent them throughout the process, because there are cases of fraud and they prefer someone with experience to handle the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Do I have to hire a lawyer to handle the sales process?”

If you choose to work with me, you will not need a lawyer. I will take care of the entire sales process and guarantee the complete legality of the process, both for the seller and for the buyer.

“Do I need to pay an appraisal to establish the selling price?”

There will be no need. By hiring me, you will have my experience to help you establish the best sale price for your week.

“I lost my week’s title! Can I sell it?”

To sell your week, you will need the title. But don’t worry, I’ll be by your side to help you overcome obstacles and prepare everything necessary to complete the sale successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

“How long does it take to sell my week?”

This is something that is impossible to predict: There are many factors that influence the time of sale, such as the quality and location of the development and demand/supply. Even so, and according to my own experience, the main ones are the week number (season) and the price.

“How long does the sales process take?”

Normally, it may take between 15 and 60 days, but this depends a lot on the capacity and speed of response with which the parties (buyer and seller) handle and carry out the bureaucracies (sending of documents, payments, etc…). My role, as your representative, is to prepare the entire process and collect all the documentation, so that the sales process unfolds in the easiest and worry-free way for you.

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