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Imagine that you really like the Algarve and want to come here on vacation every year, but you only have one or two weeks of vacation a year. Why buy a holiday home if you’re only going to use it for one or two weeks a year?

Buying Timeshare… does it make sense?

The main advantage of Timeshare is that you are guaranteed a vacation forever at today’s prices! In addition, it avoids the costs associated with the acquisition and maintenance of a property that will have very little use.

Why Timeshare… and not a Hotel?

A Timeshare resort almost always offers more space and more services than a hotel. The average hotel room consists of a studio room with a bathroom and little else. When opting for a Timeshare, you will normally have access to an apartment-style property (aparthotel) with one or more bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, dining area and full kitchen.


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